SIR – Happily, Marion Large (Worcester News, April 2) is freely able to make up her own mind over hunting.

Unfortunately, many of us cannot do so without the failed Hunting Act (2004) interfering.

The reason the opponents of hunting can be labelled “as not understanding” is their refusal to make a single attempt at appreciating the balance of our working countryside.

Wisely, Mrs Large does not belong to any animal rights organisations.

For instance, the League Against Cruel Sports, with a membership of less than 4,000, has just appointed Joe Duckworth as its new chief executive.

His previous position as a town hall mandarin in London makes him eminently qualified to deal with conservation and animal welfare!

The Worcester News has carried many articles regarding financial cuts by both central and local government.

The political parties blame each other over the cause and effect of these measures.

However, there is one clear and indisputable fact.

The Hunting Act cost more than £30 million to introduce.

A small figure in terms of the national bank balance, perhaps, but just how many police officers, nurses or hospital beds would that have paid for?