Sir – It is interesting to note that Pauline Burgess (Worcester News, April 5) fails to condemn the violent and illegal tactics employed by some in the animal rights movement.

In a democracy no one should use fear and violence to force their views on the rest of society. Publicly refusing to accept an unjust law and being willing to suffer the consequences has been part of many legitimate protests but there is no justification for letter bombs, arson, violence and mob rule.

Pauline Burgess said “the suffragettes used methods that were called violent and unacceptable by some”. They only bombed the home of cabinet minister Lloyd George (who supported votes for women).

Ironically, one suffragette threw herself in front of the King’s horse during the Derby of 1913, killing herself in the process and bringing the animal down with a crashing fall.

Given her views on animal rights, would Ms Burgess support such a protest today?

Jon Burgess