SIR – Jon Burgess has shown how ignorant he is of opposing views. In his latest letter (Worcester News, May 5) he disregards the fact that the majority of local people are against hunting.

He suggests that my figures are “dubious”

because he is blinkered to the truth.

Does Mr Burgess read the online comments to his own letters on

Why does Mr Burgess need a science to decide if something is cruel?

It is a moral. I asked for Mr Burgess’ personal opinion (Worcester News, April 22), not peer reviewed opinion.

Mr Burgess thinks that the most efficient way of controlling fox populations is to dress up in your attire, gather up some friends, horses and hounds, gallop across the countryside leaving a trail of destruction and trespass to kill just one fox. Why not use one person, one trap and one form of euthanasia by intravenous injection?

Clearly more efficient, clearly more humane and clearly no self-indulgent human pleasure.