SIR – I have given up trying to educate Jon Burgess with morals about fox hunting. His latest response (Worcester News, May 27) clearly emphasises the fact that he doesn’t use modern technology to keep ahead of the times and fails to see that the bigger percentage of comments to his letters at are against his views.

This is a direct view from local people that Mr Burgess is not aware of. What’s more, I try using alternative suggestions of more humane methods of controlling foxes.

I obviously wouldn’t want to see these methods in use but I truly feel they are more humane than a slow and painful death from a misguided bullet or the rips and tears from a fellow animal (20 hours trapped in a cage – just where did you get that information from Mr Burgess?).

I have written enough letters to the Worcester News now to show that I am part of the countryside. I grow vegetables and I keep chickens and I control vermin in ways that do not involve their misfortunate death.

Nevertheless, I’m sure Mr Burgess is coming up with a counter argument as I write – until the next time.

Simon McCullough