SIR – Tony Jones (Worcester News, June 10) recommends shooting foxes in the head with a small calibre rimfire rifle to control their numbers.

This sounds an easy solution but be slightly off target and the result may be a smashed jaw followed by weeks of suffering and death by starvation.

It would appear Mr Jones has no knowledge of the firearms he recommends or the horrendous consequences regarding animal welfare should they be used incorrectly.

It’s worth repeating that hounds never leave a wounded fox.

The claim by Mr Jones that the fox is ripped apart alive is untrue because the fox is already dead, killed by the first one or two hounds.

This fact is made crystal clear by the RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports and International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Their joint website on the Hunting Act (2004) says the following: “If the hounds were successful in their pursuit they would catch it, kill it and tear it apart.”

None of the usual ‘torn to shreds alive’ propaganda, just the plain simple truth for once and from the antihunting fraternity no less.