SIR – In her latest correspondence on the subject of hunting (Worcester News, June 14) Geraldine Engel has apparently decided to deny all of the accepted science and facts about hunting.

Ms Engel has also turned her attention to branding all those who go hunting as uncivilised.

Taking this concept to its logical conclusion, Adolf Hitler could have claimed to be ‘compassionate’ and ‘civilised’ because he banned hunting in Germany.

While Sir Winston Churchill might be looked on as uncivilised as he actually went hunting.

Unfortunately, Ms Engel has yet to grasp two important facts about hunting.

The first is that the fox is a pest and its numbers will continue to be controlled by all legal methods available.

Secondly, hunting with hounds is the most humane method of accomplishing the necessary control of the fox population.

Ms Engel may see hunting as an uncivilised sport rather than pest control.

The fox, however, does not worry about this. His only concern is avoiding his one natural predator, the foxhound. One predator keeping another under control, as Ms Engel rightly points out.