SIR – The report in the Worcester News (September 27) of the attack by the pack of hounds belonging to the North Ledbury Hunt on an alpaca is a further example of the total arrogance of the people associated with this ridiculous and outdated ‘tradition’.

When I take my dogs out, I keep them under control so as not to be a nuisance to my neighbours and others who possibly don’t share my enjoyment of my pets.

If my dogs were to run loose across the countryside out of control then I would quite rightly be taken to task, but because this is part of some pseudo country pursuit, those involved consider themselves superior to the rest of us because they ‘understand’ the country and therefore don’t have to conform to the same rules.

Is it unreasonable to expect from this red-coated group of people the same courtesy and respect for others that normal people extend.

They seem to think that a response of ‘I’ll pay for any damage’ is a panacea to heal any harm or offence caused by their inconsiderate, loutish and anti-social behaviour?

Certain so-called traditions we can well do without in a civilised society.