SIR – Re ‘Let your view be known on housing’ (Worcester News, September 24).

This eight-week public consultation on the South Worcestershire Development Plan is a sham. These plans have been cobbled together by those in the corridors of power, the boardrooms of big business and the city of London.

Nothing we can say will prevent our politicians from building tens of thousands of houses for the 80,000 people they want to house here; there is too much money to be made.

Shouldn’t politicians such as Marc Bayliss [portfolio holder for economic development at Worcester City Council] be representing local people, rather than forcing government policy down their throats?

Do politicians such as Mr Bayliss know of the huge changes that are taking place in the world’s biosphere?

Isn’t our planet’s biosphere collapsing as a consequence of growth and development?

Isn’t Worcester already a hot spot for urban pollution?

How can another 80,000 people be added to our already over-polluted and congested local environment?

How can such huge developments even be considered, when England already has six times more people than its renewable natural resources can sustain?

Where are the plans to: 􀁥 Double the size of our hospital; 􀁥 Double the size of our police force; 􀁥 Double the number of schools; 􀁥 Double the number of doctors and dentists; 􀁥 Double the road capacity of our city? Where are the plans to feed our people when we can no longer import food because catastrophic climate change has destroyed global agriculture?

Take a good long look at Worcester’s children, Councillor Bayliss. Aren’t politicians like you destroying their world?