SIR – Philippa Lees’ attack on game shooting (Worcester News, September 30) is long on fiction but short on fact.

The standard letter issued by Animal Aid makes allegations which they regularly fail to substantiate.

They claim only the wealthy shoot – the facts actually show the majority are working people.

It’s totally untrue that birds were kept in battery cages from birth as they would simply not survive.

Pheasants are released into the woods in mid-summer so they are unlikely to perish from exposure.

Ms Lees also claims most die of starvation. This is totally illogical. Why go to the expense of releasing the birds then watch them starve to death?

The allegation that most pheasants are buried rather than eaten is untrue. There has always been a healthy export market to Europe and the demand for game in the UK is growing rapidly year on year.

Restaurants and especially supermarkets have led the way, making game less of a mystery and more of an enjoyable meal to many.

No doubt Ms Lees will continue to be against shooting but it would be a good idea for her to at least have the full facts before merely copying off letters from Animal Aid.