SIR – By introducing the class and occupation of those involved in shooting, Roberta Balfour (Worcester News, October 21) clearly subverts her whole argument.

Unfortunately this has become the main tactic of those with an animal rights agenda, having lost on the essential points of animal welfare and conservation they have turned to being derogatory about anyone taking part.

Again shooting is attacked for breeding in, then releasing pheasants into the wild from cages to be shot almost immediately.

Had Ms Balfour taken the trouble to read Animal Aid information on the subject she would have found even it makes no such a claim, knowing it to be untrue.

Animal Aid has been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority and warned not to repeat, amongst other unsubstantiated allegations, that shoots cause large scale destruction of wildlife and that millions of shot birds are buried or left to rot.

Slick propaganda may work in the short term but the truth will always out.