SIR - I was appalled at the recently reported strenuous and selfish efforts of a Worcester fisherman to have the no-fishing ban in the area near the bridge rescinded. This ban was put in place a few years ago purely due to the efforts of people horrified by the injury caused and consequent depletion of the swans. When I came to Worcester 20 years ago the number was down to about three.

Speaking to someone from the Swan Rescue Unit recently, I remarked on the size and health of the current flock, and the pleasure they give to Worcester residents and visitors alike.

The "rescuer" told me that an alarming percentage (something over 90 per cent) of the flock had at some time received treatment at the swan sanctuary, their injuries being caused in the majority of cases by discarded fishing line and hooks. It is in fact entirely due to the efforts of these volunteers and the fishing ban that the swans survive at all in Worcester. Long may they continue. We owe them our support.

Fishermen are more than adequately catered for in and around Worcester, without imposing further risk to wildlife. Perhaps the person who wants to defy the ban would be better served concentrating on his other hobbies.

MARINA DUFFELL, St John's, Worcester.