SIR – Worcester is among the cities that benefits greatly from money generated by the horseracing industry.

Many people enjoy a family day out at the racecourse watching beautiful thoroughbreds racing for their owner’s fame and glory.

However, there is a darker side to the racing industry.

Due to irresponsible breeding, many racehorses never see a racecourse, just an abattoir, with their meat being sent abroad for European dinner plates.

The sad fact is that too many are being bred and not enough money is being allocated to the rehoming of suitable exracehorses.

The Green Party favours the total banning of the whip and much stricter controls on the height of jumps and the length of races to ensure racehorse welfare and comply with RSPCA recommendations. The industry needs to clean up its act so that our enjoyment is not tainted by animal abuse.

Worcester Green Party