SIR – Labour councillor Alan Amos (Worcester News, January 6) launched an attack on local hunting folk that exhibited an unhealthy dislike of people rather than concern for animal welfare or conservation.

His vitriolic rant used the terms “class obsessed fools”, “county-set snobs”, “bosses and masters”, “snobs”, “county-set buffoons”, “upper class people”.

This demonstrate Mr Amos is out of touch with reality or he would know that the hunting community is drawn from across the widest social spectrum.

Previously, as Tory MP for the very rural and wellhunted Hexham constituency in Northumberland, he never seemed to have any problems with hunting or the country people he now despises with such vengeance.

Mr Amos is of the opinion that the seagulls around Worcester should be culled (Worcester News, August 16) but opposes the same idea for the rural fox population.

Since the Hunting Act (2004) came into force only six registered hound packs have been convicted and then mainly on technicalities.

Councillor Amos has been guilty of first-rate political grandstanding on many more occasions than that.