SIR – I can not believe the arrogance of Councillor [Alan] Amos.

What gives him the right to call people “class-obsessed fools”, “snobs”, “country-set buffoons” and “upper class people”? Certainly being a councillor doesn’t.

The Worcestershire Hunt were out on their traditional Boxing Day meet in Droitwich.

They certainly weren’t out hunting as that is against the law, a fact he ought to know very well as it was his own political party and former Worcester MP Mike Foster’s Private Members’ Bill which banned hunting with dogs.

Coun Amos appears to have a massive chip on his shoulder, which he ought to seek medical help with!

I just have to wonder what he thinks of the people pictured in the Worcester News (December 27) along with the hundreds of others who turned out to watch the hunt move off?

Are they also fools, snobs, buffoons, or dare I say it upper class?

Some may even live in the wards that he represents, a fact that he would, of course, overlook on polling day, I suspect.