SIR - I wish there was more tolerance of non-Muslims' views on the halal slaughter of animals (Worcester News, September 27).

I believe halal killing is barbaric and should be outlawed in a country renowned for its respect for animals. Of course, we can thank a spineless government ruling that compromised the issue by suggesting an animal should be stunned after the first cut. I find this appalling.

I'm disappointed and annoyed by our MP Mike Foster, whose only solution to the problem of halal slaughter is appeasement.

But what can we expect from someone who continues his fight to deny the rights of rural folk to follow the country pursuit of foxhunting?

He'd be better served standing for the rights of animal welfare in direct opposition to the supporters of halal slaughter.

To me, it's the rights of animals that are paramount. We survive at their expense and it's only fair they die with some sense of dignity.

In conclusion, can I say as a Catholic: shame on Catholic schools that serve halal meat to their children and congratulations to the Roberts family for their refusal to consume halal-slaughtered meat.

SEAMUS KELLY, Worcester.