SIR - Some years ago, Worcester City Council was congratulated by many for its decision to ban the use of animals for entertainment on council-owned property.

I was surprised to learn that from November 16 to 19, the Equestrian Theatre is performing Spirit of the Horse on Worcester Racecourse. This involves 30 horses from nine different countries. Its website - - includes a gallery of pictures which, in my opinion, clearly indicate that this show is no more than a glorified circus.

I further learn that when Worcester City Council leased Pitchcroft to Worcester Racecourse Ltd, the lease made no mention of the ban on the use of animals for entertainment in circuses and so on. It would seem, therefore, that any type of entertainment exploiting animals can now take place on Pitchcroft at the discretion of the lessee.

This must be a great disappointment to the people who fought to achieve the ban in the first place, and we can only hope that Worcester Racecourse Ltd and in particular Councillor Derek Prodger, who I understand is one of its directors, will in future avoid allowing Pitchcroft to be used for such events.

C STANLEY, Worcester.