ON THURSDAY, May 5 voters will be going to the polls in the local elections for Worcester City Council.

Worcester News' Political Reporter Tom Edwards continues our election coverage with a look at the BEDWARDINE ward.

BEDWARDINE is already the most talked-about ward in the city for this year's elections - with all eyes on whether Tory Alan Amos can keep it blue.

This stronghold has nearly always delivered for the Conservatives and anything different would be a huge shock, but this year has a twist.

Councillor Amos has been representing Warndon since 2008 and made his mark in the city as a Labour politician, before a series of fallouts led to him quitting the party.

After 12 months as city mayor, during which he declared as an independent, he then joined Worcester's Conservatives and now finds himself defending a seat at the heart of the party's Tory leadership.

Councillor Amos chairs the city council's planning committee and was recently handed a position in the decision-making cabinet.

There are five other candidates standing in Bedwardine this year, all of whom are outsiders.

But some of the names are already well established in their own right - UKIP's James Goad stood in Worcester at last year's General Election and is the driving force behind its city branch.

Likewise, Mike Mullins is chairman of Worcester Liberal Democrats and has stood here in the past.

The experienced line-up includes staunch left winger Peter McNally, from Trade Unionists and Socialists Against the Cuts, who like Mr Goad also contested last year's General Election.

Green Party activist Nicola Porter, a regular council candidate, is also up here as is Labour first time hopeful Ceri Stalker.

Bedwardine takes in some parts of St John's, meaning many of the issues faced by residents in the 'village in the city' like students, litter and public transport, are important here too.

The ward is also home to the Cinderella sports ground, an eyesore for years that is finally undergoing a £365,000 new lease of life in a project between the city council and Heart of Worcestershire College.

People voting in Bedwardine are also guaranteed to usher in a new councillor for themselves for the first time in a generation.

This particular seat is being vacated by Councillor Derek Prodger, who held it for 36 successive years.

In recent weeks a lot of efforts have been put into leafleting the ward in a bid to boost the turnout.


I was educated at Oxford University and have an MA in Economics and Politics. I was a teacher before becoming an MP.

My nephews and niece went to Pitmaston and Christopher Whitehead schools.

Last year I was Mayor of Worcester and am currently cabinet member for economic prosperity and tourism and chairman of the planning committee, successfully opposing overdevelopment.

My main priority is looking after the needs of older people, and I'm expanding my Mayoral charity "Come On In" project to tackle the problem of loneliness amongst the elderly.

It's raised £100,000 to set up a city-wide network of facilities such as luncheon clubs and locally, a Film Club in conjunction with St John's Church.

Campaigning for better bus services, I am working to get a new sheltered bus stop nearer to the new Medical Centre.

My other priority is dealing with dog mess.

With my reputation as a hard worker who gets things done, I will always be available to help local people.


I would aim to help sustain and improve the quality of life enjoyed by the ward’s residents.

If elected, I have the following goals for the whole city:

• to protect Worcester’s character from unsympathetic development

• to push for a per cent reduction in council tax

• to move for free overnight (7pm-7am) parking and an hour’s free parking in the daytime

• to support the strict licensing of taxi drivers and the creation of a ‘taxi park’

• to support Worcester City FC’s return to a site at Perdiswell If you wish to see a fresh voice in the Guildhall, vote UKIP on May 5th.

I would not be bound by a party whip and can vote freely in favour of the residents of Bedwardine.

I am standing to promote a positive agenda of supporting workers who are defending jobs, pay and services.

Our councillors have failed to organise active opposition to the austerity imposed by the government.

I am proud to have supported the junior doctors and other health workers who have defended our NHS.

I have been closely involved in plans to oppose further cuts to the NHS.

The Private Finance Initiative scheme for Worcestershire Royal sucks millions of pounds out of the health service. I call for a mass campaign to defend the NHS.

If elected I will use the position to campaign for socialist policies of £10 per hour pay, real jobs for young people, end university fees, take the wealth off the one per cent.


WE moved to Worcester over 30 years ago, and think it’s a great place to live and work.

I was a design engineer but now volunteer for several charities.

My priorities are to attract more high tech jobs into the area and to improve the shopping area of St John's.

The Smoke Stack pub and cinema have been derelict for nearly 10 years and form a continuing eyesore.

I would also try to ease congestion, this is critical due to the large housing developments being built and planned on the west of the city.

These are putting further pressure on dwindling green open spaces.

I think it is vital to preserve local government and resist any further central government cuts to council services.


I have lived in Worcester all my life and find it very sad that our city centre has all but been destroyed.

I would like to see lower business rates so that the centre can become as vibrant as it used to be.

We should take advantage of the empty spaces above shops so that more people can afford their own homes rather than keep building expensive homes on green sites.

Local businesses need to take more responsibility for the litter caused, particularly the many coffee shops and fast food establishments.

I believe that more money should be invested in education and local services rather than the budget being constantly cut.


I am pleased to be the Labour Party candidate for Bedwardine.

I have been out meeting local residents and would be honoured to meet more of you; to listen to your views and to represent you in local issues.

I want to help ensure that Bedwardine and Worcester continue to be a great place to live, as well as a destination that visitors enjoy and return to, to see and experience more of this lovely City of ours.

Born in Hereford and raised around the Midlands; I have lived and worked in Worcester for 20 years.

My work life was mainly centred on housing, advice services and support work.

I am now semi-retired and work as a personal trainer.