ON THURSDAY, May 5 voters will be going to the polls in the local elections for Worcester City Council.

Worcester News' Political Reporter Tom Edwards continues our election coverage with a look at the ST CLEMENT ward.

A SURPRISE result can never be completely ruled out here - in the ward home to Worcester's 'crown jewels' riverside network.

St Clement, which covers parts of St John's and the glorious riverside, has more than enough Conservative and Labour voters to make it a genuine contest.

Four years ago Councillor Simon Geraghty, then then-Worcester City Council leader, kept his seat here but only by 191 votes after a significant boost in UKIP's favour.

A lot has changed since then, with Councillor Geraghty taking over as leader of Worcestershire County Council back in January.

It meant an end to his reign leading the Guildhall, with the Conservative now one of the backbenchers on the city council.

Some familiar faces are standing against him here, including Green Party activist Peter Nielsen, a former Labour councillor at county and city level during spells in the 1970s and 1980s.

He was a parliamentary candidate three times for Labour in 1979, 1983 and 1987 and tried again as an independent in 2010.

Labour's candidate Jordan Powell stood here last year and came runner-up to current Tory Councillor Chris Mitchell, falling short by 469 votes as a blue wave of support crushed Ed Miliband's election dreams across the country.

The fourth hopeful is UKIP's Paul Boyes, who will be hoping to go one better after the party's activist Richard Delingpole more than doubled its support here in 2015 to come third.

Given the ward's location there is much interest in the riverside network and flooding, a situation which has improved hugely thanks to Hylton Road's bund.

And given its location by St John's shops, the future of the 'village in the city' is an issue close to voter's hearts.

St Clement is one of Worcester's most desirable areas to live, helped in no small part by the millions invested into improving the riverside corridor.

The Conservatives are clear favourites, and failure to keep this seat would be a major scalp.


I WANT to sustain the quality of life for St Clement’s residents.

Many residents in the ward suffer from a poor bus service into town and I would apply pressure to the county council on that issue.

I'm also passionate about jobs for Worcester people.

I want to see Worcester fulfil its potential as a thriving city. If elected, I would work hard to that end. I am not bound by a party whip.

I served an engineering apprenticeship in Gloucester before serving in the Royal Electric and Mechanical Engineers.

Later I worked as a postman but more recently I have run my own plumbing business and driven HGVs. I played rugby as a prop for Gloucester RFC.


Over the last decade I’m proud to have been at the forefront of efforts to grow the local economy, regenerate and improve our city and reform our local councils to be able to continue to deliver vital public services within ever tighter budgets.

Worcester is undergoing a renaissance, with significant public and private sector investment helping to improve the city centre, create new employment opportunities, enhance our riverside and make the most of our history and heritage.

Locally, I’ve secured more investment in roads and pavements, introduced tighter planning and licensing controls on Homes in Multiple Occupation and undertaken regular community clean up’s.

We have replaced worn and missing street signs and allocated more money to deliver play area improvements.

However, I know that there is more to do to continue to enhance our city and if re-elected I will be working alongside Robin Walker MP to secure the vital Government funding needed to dual the Carrington Bridge and further measures to ease congestion.


The Green Party opposes the discredited policy of austerity which the Tories in government and locally have inflicted on the people, including the 4% rise in council tax to pay for government cuts in care.

As your Green Party candidate for St Clement Ward, I will take responsibility for the well-being of the area.

I have lived in Worcester since 1973. I have children and grandchildren here. Now retired, I worked in computing and lectured in Politics at the Tech.

The Green Party seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives, young and old, by protecting the environment against pollution, ending homelessness and promoting clean solutions in transport.

Worcester is a great place to live. Please help us to make it the greenest place to live.


Worcester born, now raising my little son here. I live locally, attended local schools, graduated from the university, and now work here.

I have struggled for work but kept on trying, and worry what might happen to my child in the future.

Using a wheelchair, I overcome challenges and obstacles, making sure that I am not overlooked.

This experience, vital to a councillor, is second-nature to me.

People worry about the university: as a recent graduate, I can bring people together.

St. Clements has been under-represented for too long.

Traffic, building and local facilities are central to our city. Totally different from other councillors and candidates, I know I can make a difference.