ON THURSDAY voters will be going to the polls in the local elections for Worcester City Council.

Worcester News' Political Reporter Tom Edwards continues our election coverage with a look at the WARNDON ward.

A FRESH face is guaranteed to be elected here - after a bizarre period which saw this traditional Labour stronghold end up with a sitting Tory councillor it didn't ask for.

The Warndon ward is as Labour-centric as you can get, with the party routinely claiming victory here regardless of the national backdrop.

Four years ago, when this particular seat was last up for the vote, Councillor Alan Amos got 717 votes for Labour, trouncing the other parties which saw the Tories get 151 and the Greens, just 86.

Fast forward to today and after an infamous falling out with his party colleagues Councillor Amos, who became an independent in 2014, has spent the last year as a Conservative.

He is now standing in the Tory stronghold of Bedwardine this time around.

A return to the status quo is widely expected in Warndon, with Labour expecting to regain the seat unless something pretty special happens.

Its candidate Elaine Williams happens to be a current serving councillor in Birmingham, where she is stepping down.

Some familiar names are on the ballot sheet, including Green activist Alison Morgan and UKIP hopeful Owen Cleary, both of whom have tried to get elected to the Guildhall before.

The Conservative candidate is Cajetan Iwunze, who also has a track record of his own and tried to get elected in St John's two years ago.

It's worth noting that in 2014 a major shock nearly happened here, where a remarkable rise in UKIP support very nearly shook Labour to its core.

At the time, current Labour Councillor Jo Hodges clung on by just 40 votes after being pushed to within an inch of defeat by Worcester's UKIP branch chairman James Goad.

It will take something similar to prise it away from Labour this time around, with UKIP again the most likely contenders, if indeed any party can achieve an upset.

Warndon is a newsy patch, with plenty to occupy whichever new councillor is elected.

It is home to the Oasis Academy Warndon, an impressive school which is transforming the lives of many of the ward's young people.

Warndon also boasts the £300,000 Building Block, a purpose-built facility at the community centre which teaches people skills like bricklaying and DIY.


I am passionate about local democracy.

The wishes of local people must be taken into account in all of our council’s decisions. Too many housing, spending and planning decisions are made for political reasons and short term gain.

Our council needs a fresh approach from those who have had a real life, in the real world, outside party politics.

Only that way, can we get the best for Warndon.

UKIP councillors have no 'party line' to which we must stick, we're free to vote however our constituents wish.

Vote for me as your candidate for Warndon and that's exactly what you'll get.


I live in the heart of Warndon and am aware of the issues that affect the lives of all in the area.

I am a lecturer in Economics at the Birmingham Metropolitan College as well as being an international human rights campaigner and a writer.

Housing supply in Worcester is a particular subject that I wish to ensure remains in the public eye and that those families in receipt of lower than average incomes in need of homes are able to obtain them at a fair price or rent.

At the same time I will fight to ensure that the quality of affordable homes is not diminished while developers compete on price.

While visiting residents in Warndon, I have been told and seen for myself various problems from street lights not working, dog fouling and general untidiness.

If elected I will do my utmost to address these matters in an effort to make these areas a better place to live.


I live in Worcester with my husband and two children and work as a supply Teaching Assistant in a local special secondary school.

I have previously worked in chemistry researching environmentally friendly products for the paper industry. I joined the Green Party because of its commitment to fairness and sustainability.

Worcester is a great place to live but a major issue is getting around the city.

Cycling and walking need to be prioritised and the cuts to bus services reversed.

I also believe decisions about Worcester should be made at a local level by the city council with local businesses and jobs being supported to help keep the local economy healthy.

The Green Party is the only party addressing these important issues


My working life started in the NHS, as a Biomedical Scientist.

I took time out to have my family, raising them in Droitwich, and returned to work part time with the National Blood Service.

Following reorganisation and redundancy in 2009 I became involved in local politics. I have campaigned in local and general elections and I served as a councillor in Birmingham.

I find it rewarding listening to residents on the doorstep and helping with the issues that matter to them.

I returned to Worcester several years ago to be more involved with my growing number of grandchildren.

I am committed to Warndon and Worcester and want to make them the best they can be to provide a positive future for everyone.