WORCESTER'S Green Party is embroiled in an elections row – over claims it enlisted Labour Party help to try and pull in votes.

Louis Stephen, who runs the city's Green Party branch, has waged an intense battle with the Conservatives over the Battenhall ward in recent weeks.

But in the run-up to polling day he was seen door-knocking with the help of Ali Asghar, a long-standing Labour Party activist well-known in political circles.

Mr Asghar has stood for election to Worcester City Council himself in the past and signed this year's election nomination papers for Labour's Cathedral candidate, Councillor Lynn Denham.

The activist was even sporting Labour Party posters at his house yesterday, despite his efforts to help the Greens in Battenhall.

The assistance has infuriated the city's Conservatives, who have accused them of hatching "a plot" to secretly team up.

Mr Stephen produced the result of the city's election battle last night by winning Battenhall, a victory which helped the Tories lose overall control of Worcester City Council.

We can reveal how Cllr Marc Bayliss, the council's Tory leader, rushed out an election leaflet ahead of the count on Wednesday night claiming to have "exposed" a Green/Labour "dirty trick".

Mr Stephen has responded by saying Mr Asghar wanted to help him after being impressed by Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who visited Worcester Mosque two weeks ago.

Cllr Bayliss said: "What we have here is a deliberate pact between the Greens and Labour - we have caught them red handed.

"This is proof of a plot, a dirty trick between the two parties to actually support each other."

The Tory leaflet put around houses in Battenhall on Wednesday night called it "outrageous" and claimed the Greens are trying to "hoodwink" people.

The leaflet also described it as "conclusive proof of collaboration between Labour Party supporters and the Greens".

In the run-up to polling day Mr Stephen said his party would not go into any Coalition with Labour, if the elections resulted in a hung council.

He has insisted that is still the case, saying regardless of Mr Asghar's politics he was never going to turn the help down.

"The Green Party is growing in strength and attracting new members and supporters from a range of different communities across Worcester," he said.

"Starting from a low base just a few years ago, our voters are increasingly coming from all different political backgrounds including Lib Dems, Conservative, UKIP and Labour.

"Natalie Bennett visited the main mosque in Worcester recently and was very well received.

"The Green Party welcomes the support of any individual that wishes to promote our Green principles.

"It saddens me that the leader of the local Conservative Party feels they have to resort to this type of negative campaigning."

Worcester Labour Party said it did not want to comment, nor did Mr Asghar, who remains part of the branch.

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