The Rwanda Bill features among a range of stories on the front pages of Britain’s papers on Thursday.

The Daily Express says the House of Lords once again blocked the Rwanda Bill on Wednesday night.

The Daily Telegraph runs with the investigation into Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, who is “facing new questions” about her financial affairs.

The Daily Mirror reports on the death of Michael Donovan who plotted a fake kidnapping of Shannon Matthews.

The Independent says “predatory staff” who target adults in care homes are free to move jobs, with almost 10,000 incidents of sexual abuse recorded in the last three years.

The Metro focuses on the flooding in Dubai which left thousands of British travellers stranded by the heaviest rainfall in 75 years.

The i relays words from Foreign Minister David Cameron who said Israel will “defy plea for restraint” and strike Iran.

The International Monetary Fund has urged Mr Sunak to take “much tougher action to rein in” public debt, which raises doubts over his proposed cuts to national insurance, according to the Financial Times.

And The Sun says the Duke of Sussex has officially registered as an American resident.