Burger King have released the Whopper Card – an exclusive membership that grants owners free burgers for an entire year.

The launch comes after rap artist Tinie shared that he was the lucky recipient of the first card in the UK.

The musician sent fans wild by sharing an exclusive snapshot of the Whopper Card on his social channels

Worcester News:

Burger King say the limited-edition card, which was released on Monday (August 10), only has two other Whopper Cards available, and Tinie is giving two lucky fans the opportunity to join the club.

The announcement of the Whopper Cards follows Burger King’s #WhoppaOnAWhopper campaign, which revealed a miniature Tinie, perform his latest hit ‘Whoppa’ with the iconic signature burger as his stage

How to get a Whopper Card

Tinie has encouraged fans to share their experience of the his gig on social, tagging Tinie, @BurgerKingUK and #WhoppaOnAWhopper on social media for a chance to get their hands on an exclusive Whopper Card for themselves. 

What have Burger King said?

Katie Evans, Marketing Director at Burger King UK said: "The response to Tinie’s Whopper card tease has been nothing short of whoppa!

"We couldn’t think of any better way to show our appreciation to the loyalty our fans have shown through these testing times, than offering the chance to get their hands on our flame-grilled favourite for an entire year!"

When will the winners be revealed?

Tinie will be revealing the lucky two recipients of the Whopper Cards on Saturday, August 15 via his social channels.

T&Cs can also be found via the Burger King website