With the winter fast approaching, now is the time of year we have to deal with dreaded condensation and mould around our windows.

While condensation can seem like a minor problem to some, it can have serious negative effects on our health.

The problem may seem inevitable but Bathroom design expert Evan Jones from Bathroom Supastore reveals the best ways to stop dampness.

The expert from the popular bathroom retailer, tells us how we can stop window condensation with one easy life hack costing just £2.59.

How to remove condensation with one easy cleaning life hack costing just £2.59

While people can use a pricier window vacuum which can be used to vacuum up the dampness affecting the window area, not everyone can afford this option.

One cheap way revealed by the expert was to purchase a cheap but reliable window squeegee and an old towel.

A window squeegee is a rubber-edged blade attached to a handle that can be used to remove water in a scraping manner.

This can be used to scrape away water from the affected area while the old towel can be used to remove all the water while it is in one area, according to Evan.

Worcester News: Canva - Window in winterCanva - Window in winter (Image: Canva)

Other ways to remove and stop condensation this winter

There are also other ways outlined to deal with window condensation:

Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture

While a dehumidifier can be noisy, it is a great way to remove moisture in the air. People can also use a non-electric alternative.

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Improve air circulation in the damp-prone room

Evan says: "Keeping the air flowing in your home is going to minimise the chance of mould growth. Moving furniture away from your walls, keeping air vents unobstructed and not overfilling your cupboards is going to improve the airflow in your home."

While no one wants a cold bathroom in the Winter, Evan says that "you should not draft proof rooms that are prone to damp, by doing so you are decreasing the airflow in your bathroom which will lead to condensation and damp forming."

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