A scam warning has been issued for a fake Companies House email that has seen several reports in the last few days.

Scammers are posing as the government agency in the hope of stealing data or infecting devices with malware.

This follows a series of other impersonation scams targeting Microsoft and Apple users in the last few weeks.

Which? has sent out a warning for this current scam after being sent examples by its readers.

Worcester News: The scam emails pretending to be Companies House have been loosely threateningThe scam emails pretending to be Companies House have been loosely threatening (Image: PA)

How to spot the Companies House fake email scam

Whilst the email states it is from Companies House it actually has a sender address of <@intouristxobatumi.com> which obviously has nothing to do with the agency.

Alongside that, the examples have not addressed the recipient by name and have opened with ‘Dear customer’. 

Another clue is that emails have had a loosely threatening tone stating: "Correction request: do not ignore to avoid legal action!"

They've also referred to enforcement action for failure to provide requested information, which is inappropriate for a government agency. 

Additionally, there has been a link to 'download' documents, but hovering a mouse over the link shows it doesn't go to the genuine Companies House website.

The website this email links to is no longer accessible, but it’s likely that the fraudsters had set up a copycat website to steal company data from potential victims.

On its website, Companies House states that it will never contact you by email or telephone to ask for secure information about your company.

If you’ve received one of these emails, forward it to phishing@companieshouse.gov.uk and then delete it.