Veteran broadcaster Anne Diamond has shared heartbreaking news as she reveals she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Diamond, who currently presents on GB News, shared that she received the diagnosis the same day as finding out she was to be made OBE.

Speaking to GB News's Dan Wootton, Diamond shared that she had undergone a double mastectomy in her “fight against breast cancer."

Sharing: "I haven’t been on a world cruise, which is what I know social media has been saying… because I’m well known now for loving cruises.

"It’s been a fight against breast cancer. That’s what it’s been. It’s been a long journey. And five months later, I’m still not at the end of the journey, but I’m through it enough to come back to work.”

Worcester News: Diamond shared the moment she learnt of the news.Diamond shared the moment she learnt of the news. (Image: PA)

Anne Diamond reveals breast cancer diagnosis

The veteran presenter also shared how she'd learned the news on the same morning she was told via email that she had been awarded an OBE for her campaigning on cot deaths.

As Diamond recalled the moment she was told of the diagnosis: "I had to go to a breast cancer screening thing later in the morning. I thought I would just go for a mammogram, and a couple of tests and I’d be free in an hour.

“I spent the entire morning at my local hospital where they did everything, biopsies, X-rays, CT scans, a couple of mammograms, everything, and by lunchtime I was still there.

“And a lovely lady came with a lanyard around her neck that said MacMillan Cancer Care and I knew then it was serious.”

Since the diagnosis, Diamond has shared that she's had a full mastectomy, and "a load of radiotherapy."

Diamond began her career in regional news before moving to work on both ITV and BBC seeing her become one of the biggest daytime TV stars of the 1980s and 1990s. 

Her catalogue of work includes shows BBC One’s Good Morning with Anne And Nick, TV-am’s Good Morning Britain and TV Weekly.

In 2022, she joined GB Mews to host weekend breakfast shows with Stephen Dixon, though has been off air for six months.

Diamond will return to GB News on Saturday to host Breakfast with Dixon.