Holidaymakers have been warned of a huge increase in prices which could see them paying 200% more this summer.

Many of us will be looking forward to a summer getaway in the coming weeks, but we are being warned that one service could cost us three times as much compared to last year.

New research found that half of major UK airports have increased their drop-off charges by as much as 200% in the last year.

Matthew Hall, Managing Director at Hoppa, who carried out the research, said: “Drop-off charges can add a hefty amount to the cost of your holiday before it has even begun.

Worcester News:

“Most UK airports now enforce a charge for dropping passengers off close to the Terminals, and penalties for not adhering to these are very costly.

“It is easy to overstay the minimum time allowances when saying your goodbyes, which can add a hefty sum on top of the parking charge.

“However, many airports also offer free parking options at their mid- or long-stay car parks, so it is always worth checking on their official website before dropping someone off.

“Alternatively, you can avoid these drop-off charges altogether by using public transport or booking an advance airport transfer.”

The research found that Belfast City and Belfast International Airport had increased their drop-off charges by 200%, while Exeter, Bournemouth and Norwich had seen a 67% increase.

There was a 50% increase at Southampton Airport, and a 33% increase at Birmingham Airport.

Glasgow, Aberdeen and Glasgow Prestwick have also increased their drop-off charges.

Overall, Stansted, which serves over 28 million passengers a year, remains the most expensive airport for a drop-off by car. The ‘Express Set Down’ costs £7 for up to 15 minutes, increasing to £25 if you stay longer.

Currently, there are only two airports which offer free parking for drop-offs close to the Terminals: Cardiff and London City. However, Cardiff’s drop-off zone is only free for the first five minutes.