When it comes to making sure your garden is looking its best during the summer months, there are so many little jobs to do and keep on top of.

From deadheading plants to make room for new growth, to mowing the lawn countless times as you try to keep up with its rapid growth due to the warm temperatures.

But one DIY garden chore you might struggle to see an improvement with is the removal of moss on your patio.

Not only does it make your paths look dirty and old, but it can also be a dangerous hazard for slipping when it gets wet during typical British torrential downpours.

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However, if you can’t budge the stains and damp moss from your outdoor floor surfaces, a gardening expert has recommended an impressively “cheap and effective” method.

How to get rid of patio moss with this cheap 35p hack

Rian Habergham, a gardening expert from Leisure Bench explained that one natural method to get rid of patio moss is by using white vinegar, which is currently priced at 35p for 568ml at Tesco (also an Aldi price match).

Rian said that as white vinegar is an acid, it's a “cheap and highly effective way to kill patio moss”, and households will find that it “works like shop-bought remover,” reports the Express.

People looking to remove patio moss can use “any amount of vinegar”, but it must be matched with one-quarter of the same amount with water.

Gardeners can then apply the mixture to the targeted area, making sure to “scrub it and fully saturate the moss and affected paving.”

Worcester News: Do you struggle to keep your garden patio clean?Do you struggle to keep your garden patio clean? (Image: Getty)

After 30 minutes if the moss has not turned yellow, it’s suggested to leave for a little longer until it does change in colour.

When it has done this, wash the area with warm water, and give it another scrub.

It’s important to note that you should make sure pets and children don't use the pavement while this method is working, as it can be "dangerous if ingested or if it comes into contact with the eyes".

Although a pressure washer can be a quick way to remove the stubborn product from garden surfaces, it can actually “prove worse” in the long run, as it could result in gardeners having more moss, shares Rian.

She commented: “Using a pressure washer to remove moss is a great, quick way of removing it, but spreading the moss spores around can actually just mean that you end up with more moss than before.

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“As well as this, using a pressure washer can be expensive if you don't already have one, and there's no point in wasting money on something you will rarely use.”

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Can I use baking soda to get rid of patio moss?

Another at-home solution is baking soda, which is also a “great way” to get rid of moss from your garden patio, however, this method should only be carried out on a “dry day,” says Rian.

To do this, begin by mixing some baking soda with a reasonable splash of water to form a “well-stirred mixture” and apply it to the moss before giving it a scrub.

“Leave for 20 minutes, or less if the moss has already turned yellow, and give it another scrub. Finish off by giving the paving a wash with warm water.”