Flight delays and cancellations are the bane of anyone planning on flying abroad for their holiday.

With the recent news that flights across the UK would be disrupted because of a 'network-wide failure of UK air traffic control systems', many will be left wondering how they can make a claim.

Luckily, it's now as easy as ever to make a claim for compensation.

How do I claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight?

Worcester News: Here is how to claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight (PA)Here is how to claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight (PA) (Image: PA)

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), those who believe they have a right to claim compensation should contact their airline directly.

Compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight is not automatic and it is recommended that those affected get in contact with their chosen provider as soon as possible.

The CAA also warned that many airlines will not deal with complaints if the affected party makes them through a third-party resolver or claims management company.

The best thing to do is to make the claim for disruption through the company's website.

What should I do if my delayed or cancelled flight claim is rejected?

If an airline declines a claim for compensation, it should state clearly why it has done so.

For example, it could state that the disruption was caused by an 'extraordinary circumstance' in which it may be excused from making a payment.

If the complainant does not agree with the outcome, they may escalate the issue.

Some airlines are members of alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR) and should provide passengers with details of these schemes, according to the CAA.