Everyone's favourite Channel 4 architectural show Grand Designs is officially back on screens as host Kevin McCloud meets the ambitious individuals building their dream homes. 

The 23 previous seasons have seen everything from giant curved glass homes to mansions built out of clay and former water towers.

Now, more keen builders are ready to take on the task not for the faint-hearted as Kevin travels around the UK to see the new builds in Grand Designs.

This week's edition of Grand Designs, sees Kevin return to build as he revisits Gloucestershire couple Jon and Noreen and their treehouse.

Gloucestershire couple take on treehouse in new Grand Designs

Kevin will be heading back to Gloucestershire to revisit Jon and Noreen who first began their build in 2013 on Grand Designs.

The couple planned to create a three-bed treehouse on a half-acre patch of woodland for their family.

Their plans saw them use a stacked box design to avoid hurting tree roots and a mirror glass ground floor to reflect surrounding trees.

But with a budget of £250,000, questions on if they could afford the cost of their ambition quickly rose.

In 2016, Kevin revisited with Grand Designs for the first time and despite having help from friends and family, the house was barely ready enough for them to move in and the money had run out with the project not finished.

Now, ten years later after the project officially began, Kevin returns to see how far the couple have made it in all new Grand Designs.

Grand Designs airs at 9pm on Wednesdays on Channel 4 and All 4.