Colder temperatures are now finally emerging in the UK this year after a relatively mild start to autumn and many people might be in the mood to put the heating on.

However, it is vital to ensure a few checks are completed before this is done, to help ensure your boiler is prepared.

Experts from BOXT, who help install boilers have shared a few tips on what to check before you stick the heating on.

Andy Kerr, Founder at BOXT, says: “Autumn is in full swing, and as we gradually approach colder temperatures it’s almost time to start thinking about turning your heating back on. However, before this, it’s vital to complete a few boiler checks to prevent any issues once the temperature drops. 

Worcester News: Inactivity over the summer period could mean a boiler needs a bit of fine-tuning before being used againInactivity over the summer period could mean a boiler needs a bit of fine-tuning before being used again (Image: Getty Images)

“Most problems with boilers arise when the heating is turned back on again after being off for a few months - leading to pipes corroding or the boiler itself seizing, in severe cases. With this in mind, we have provided some tips on how to prepare your boiler for the heating coming back on."

4 tips to help prepare your boiler before turning the heating on

Check your radiators

BOXT says: "This might sound obvious but after months of being switched off, it’s important to make sure that your radiators are in working order."

Inactivity during the summer can result in a build-up of trapped air, which can lead to the radiator's inefficiency.

Therefore, you should bleed your radiators to check for any cold spots and ensure your heating will work properly when you turn it on

Check your boiler pressure

BOXT says: "Ideally, the pressure should be between 1 and 1.5 bars when the heating is off and then rise to 2 bars when it is on.

"If the pressure reading is outside of this range you will need to repressurise your boiler or bleed your radiators."

Alternatively, if you cannot resolve the issue yourself, you should have a gas-safe registered engineer look at your boiler.

Worcester News: BOXT recommends servicing your boiler every 12 monthsBOXT recommends servicing your boiler every 12 months (Image: Getty)

Book your boiler service

BOXT says: "Due to the critical role that your boiler plays in providing warmth during the colder parts of the year, it’s vital that you book your boiler service.

"We recommend servicing your boiler every 12 months to make sure that everything is functioning as it should."

If this is done the lifespan of the boiler should be extended saving you money in the long run.  

Clean and replace any filters, vents or ducts

BOXT says: "Check your filters, vents and ducts to make sure they are clean and ensure that no airflow is obstructed.

"This will reduce the strain on your heating system and save you from unnecessarily high energy bills.

"It’s also worth checking the insulation in your home, and ensuring there are no cracks in any windows or doorframes that could be letting cold air in."