Martin Lewis has revealed how to celebrate Christmas on a budget.

Christmas can be a tough time for thousands of British families every year, where the struggles of getting by are exacerbated by the apparent need for presents and lavishness.

Only recently Martin Lewis told his X followers: "Universal Credit and other benefits will increase by 6.7% (September inflation) and equivalent to an average of £470.

"GOOD. They haven't tried to slice off an amount by increasing it at October's lower inflation rate as was mooted (unfair as inflation is retrospective so people have already felt those cost rise hits)."

Back in September, Martin Lewis called for a ban on unnecessary presents. Something of a call to arms.

Money Saving Expert listed 48 brilliant ways of saving money this Christmas, Martin outlined the following: "Consider not giving this Christmas. We're not talking about gifts from parents or grandparents, but the ever-widening glut of friends, extended family and colleagues.

"Christmas isn't a retail festival – we need to end obliged giving and think about what we're giving, to whom and why.

"Christmas is just one day"

"If you're yelling over your wrapping paper "what about the joy of giving?", remember gift-giving creates an obligation on recipients to give back, whether they can afford it or not. For some, the gift of "not obliging you to buy for me" is actually better.

"If you have a little stashed away for Christmas, it may be possible to relieve pressure, increase happiness and avoid the nightmare before (and after) Christmas.

As Martin said in his Christmas Cold Turkey blog: "If you're really struggling and have nothing, then do truly go cold turkey – see family [if possible this year], spend time, think about life, watch the telly, but don't spend money on it.

"Christmas is just one day. Far more important is a happier, financially less-stressed New Year."