Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers has revealed he was diagnosed with anorexia after losing so much weight during his cancer treatment.

The motorcycle-riding cooking duo are back for the BBC Two series The Hairy Bikers Go West, which King said brought back “a level of normality” for Myers.

During the latest episode, Myers opened up to co-star Si King during the first episode of their latest show.

The 66-year-old presenter briefly took a break from work before filming his latest show, which sees them travel west across Britain from Scotland to Devon.

As they sat down to discuss his cancer on the Isle of Bute, King asked: "How's your eating habits changed in the last year or so, mate, because you've had it very rough?"

Myers responded: "You lose a lot of weight, a lot of weight. And you're desperately trying to get the calories in.

"At one point I was actually diagnosed as anorexic - can you believe it? After all the dieting we've done? But I'm alright now. I'm living with it."

Myers first revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer in May 2022, on a podcast he co-hosts with King.

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In the pair's latest show, which aired on Tuesday 6 February and was set on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, Myers also spoke of how he never thought he would ride his motorbike again.

"Recently I have had a very personal journey - and I wasn't sure I'd ever get back on the saddle again," he said.

The cancer treatment made Myers lose his balance and he struggled to ride his bike.

He said it was down to hard work and physiotherapy that he was finally able to return to his passion.

"That's the pay off to your hard work and dedication"

Fellow biker King, from Birtley, in Tyne and Wear, told his friend: "That's the payoff to your hard work and dedication."

The seven-part series sees the duo reunite to travel down the west coast of the UK, starting in Scotland and ending in Devon, with Myers even making an emotional homecoming to the county where he was born.

Speaking ahead of the airing, King said: "We are very privileged to do what we do and I think this one was particularly special in general because of Dave’s health and his sheer and utter determination and love for what he does.

"Especially to continue to do it while he was having treatment took remarkable courage and energy - and adds to why Dave and I will not forget it."