Brits have been left heartbroken after Mars confirmed a Galaxy Easter chocolate has been discontinued. 

Mars Wrigley is responsible for brands including Galaxy, Celebrations, M&Ms, Maltesers and Twix.

Easter is usually a chocolate lovers favourite time of year with so many varieties available to choose from.

We've already seen the introduction of a number of new chocolates in the lead up to Easter 2024 including a new white chocolate Creme Egg Easter Egg from Cadbury.

Nestle have also recently released several new products including two Aero bars and a white chocolate KitKat.

Mars confirms Galaxy Enchanted eggs have been discontinued

But chocolate fans heading to supermarkets across the UK hoping to find packs of Galaxy Enchanted eggs have been left disappointed unable to find the popular Easter treat.

Worcester News: Mars Wrigley has confirmed Galaxy Enchanted Eggs have been discontinued for the moment.Mars Wrigley has confirmed Galaxy Enchanted Eggs have been discontinued for the moment. (Image: Richie Allen/X)

Shoppers have taken to social media sharing their concerns as to why they can't find the Galaxy eggs.

One person on X (formerly Twitter) said: "@GalaxyChocolate are you enchanted eggs discontinued missing my Easter galaxy fix."

Another posted: "Why r there no enchanted galaxy eggs in any shops anywhere??? What the heck is going onnnnnnnnn."

Mars Wrigley has now confirmed Galaxy Enchanted eggs have been discontinued "for the moment". 

A Mars Wrigley UK spokesperson, speaking to The Sun, said: "We can confirm that for the moment we have discontinued our Galaxy Enchanted eggs, but for those Galaxy fans missing the treat you can find our Galaxy Creamy Truffle Mini Eggs in Milk chocolate or Hazelnut available."

The news of the loss of the Easter chocolate has left fans heartbroken.

One fan on X said: "galaxy has discontinued the golden eggs/enchanted eggs chocolates and I am never going to recover from this heartbreak."



Another person added: "Not sure if they're gone for good but it's not good they're gone. One of the creamiest egg selections ever and the portion size was always good."

This is not the first Galaxy Easter treat Mars has axed in recent years.

Back in 2020 the company confirmed to fans it had discontinued Galaxy Golden Eggs.