Mini Cheddars are certainly an “oldie but a goldie”, yet the iconic cheesy snack just keeps on giving as Jacob's has revealed two new flavours.

Many of us might have had a packet of the round-shaped biscuits in our lunch boxes as children and some might still be munching on them throughout the day as adults at work.

The two new flavours are part of the brand's ‘Cheesy Specials’ which are limited-edition – but what exactly could your taste buds be trying soon?

Jacob's announces 2 new Mini Cheddars flavours in the UK

Packs of Mini Cheddars Smoked Cheddar as well as Cheddar & Roasted Tomato have officially launched in Tesco today (February 28).

Baked with real cheese and packed full of flavour, they join the popular savoury snack’s line-up, including Original, Red Leicester, and Smoky BBQ flavours.

Jacob's said: “Perfect for cheese-obsessed snackers everywhere, Mini Cheddars Cheesy Specials are sure to bring a little sunshine to your day with every bite.”

Asli Akman, marketing director at Jacob’s commented: “Whether you enjoy the rich taste of smoked cheddar, or prefer the natural sweetness of roasted tomato, we hope that these new Mini Cheddars flavours will bring a moment of joy to all our fellow cheese-loving fans out there.”

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They will be available in other UK supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and ASDA in the coming months.

Mini Cheddars fans have often taken to social media to share their love for the cheese biscuits.

One person on X, formerly Twitter posted: “Please make mini cheddars not be mini.....#ExtraLarge #Jacobs”

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Declaring their favourite flavour, this fan wrote: “Mini Cheddars Red Leicester are the superior Mini Cheddars (after the nowhere to be found Nacho cheese & Jalapeño) @Jacobs_IRL”

Someone is wondering if a popular flavour could return, as this account asked: “@JacobsSnacks Hey Jacobs, are you still there? Just wondering if there's any update on ham mini cheddars making a comeback? X”

The limited-edition Mini Cheddars Cheesy Specials come either as a multipack of six (RRP £1.75) or single 90g bag (RRP: £1.25).