Tesco customers have taken to social media to share their “disappointment” over its decision to axe a popular voucher scheme.

The supermarket has removed its Tesco survey website, meaning shoppers will now miss out on the chance to earn extra Clubcard points.

Originally, the retailer advertised the website tescoviews.com at the bottom of receipts, asking customers to visit the webpage and fill out a survey about their recent shopping experience.

By completing this, it allowed shoppers to earn 25 Clubcard points.

Plus, people used to be in with a chance of winning a £1,000 Tesco gift card too.

However, tescoviews.com has now been shut down as Tesco has “changed the way we collect surveys.”

The full announcement reads: "Hello,

“Thank you for your interest in the Tesco Customer Viewpoint survey.

“We have now changed the way we collect surveys, and reach out to customers directly for their views. That means we are no longer accepting survey responses through this website.

“If you have any feedback to share about a store or colleague then please speak to a member of your local in-store team.”

As a new way of collecting surveys, Tesco is expected to now be reaching out directly to its customers for their views, but this has not been confirmed yet, reports The Sun.

It’s thought this will be done via email although it is yet to be confirmed.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We have changed the way we carry out our customer surveys and now reach out to customers directly for their feedback. We encourage any customer who has feedback about their local store to speak to a member of the in-store team.”

Tesco shoppers say survey axe is ‘depriving people’ of extra Clubcard points

This person posted: “This is a REALLY boring tweet but Tesco have axed their receipt survey which was a nice way to earn an extra 25 points per month :(“

Tweeting Martin Lewis, this account wrote: “Just to let you know Tesco Clubcard has taken away tell us your view surveys. Depriving people of an extra 25 points per month. They have not told their customers about this. It is still on the till receipt asking customers to fill it in.”

Worcester News: Have you noticed tescoviews.com is no longer active?Have you noticed tescoviews.com is no longer active? (Image: Tesco)

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Someone asked Tesco: “@Tesco Why do your receipts still say collect 25 points by going to http://Tescoviews.com when after going on there I am told you no longer do this survey?”

@Tesco replied: “Hi there. We're removing the Tesco Views address from the bottom of our receipts and it should be removed from all receipts shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

“@Tesco Very disappointed that you have stopped Clubcard customer surveys for 25 points. With no warning to customers at all,” added another.