Beavertown Brewery has launched a new range of crisps aimed at starting conversations around mental health.

Beavertown is a British brewery based in Tottenham and is well-known across the country for craft beers including the likes of Neck Oil, Gamma Ray, Lupuloid and Bones.

But now the brewery has teamed up with suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to launch a brand new range of crisps aimed at encouraging people to open up about how they are feeling.

Beavertown releases new range of crisps with a twist

Beavertown, in conjunction with CALM, has now launched 'Open Up' crisps.

The new limited edition crisps are cheddar and jalapeño-flavoured and contain conversation starters designed to encourage friends to open up and have more meaningful conversations with one another.

The new crisps come off the back of new research from Beavertown that found more than half (56%) of people in the UK have pretended to be ‘okay’ to avoid talking about their own mental health, as (60%) of us feel there is still a stigma around it in today’s society.

Questions, designed by CALM, in the crisp packet include "What gets you through tough times?" and "If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?" to kickstart deeper conversations amongst friends.

Worcester News: The new Beavertown crisps will be available at more than 260 pubs across the country.The new Beavertown crisps will be available at more than 260 pubs across the country. (Image: Beavertown Brewery)

CALM CEO, Simon Gunning, said: “It started with tackling loneliness through communities and climbing and now we're taking on conversation starters with Beavertown through crisps. 

"Checking in with your mate is one of the most important things you can do to help - it's not always obvious if someone is struggling, so together we’re finding ways to make important conversations part of our routine”.

Supporting the ‘Open Up’ campaign is English actor and comedian Tom Davis, who has openly documented his struggles with mental health.

Davies said: "We often shy away from getting deep and opening up with our loved ones about what's going on in our lives, masking it with comedy — something I’ve done many times.

"These crisps give you that natural invitation to start sharing in a laid-back way, right there at the pub, which is the perfect place to do so if you ask me.

"The only downside is you do have to share your crisps, which I am fundamentally against, but you can always just get another bag."

These new crisps come as part of Beavertown’s wider partnership with CALM which aims to create moments that bring people together and make life feel worth living as part of their campaign ‘We Are Not Alone’.

Where to get new Open Up Beavertown crisps

The new Open Up crisps will be available at more than 260 pubs across the UK, including in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Participating sites will also give out free packets of the crisps on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

You can see the full list of participating pubs via the Beavertown website here


Beavertown Brewery’s Marketing Director, Tom Rainsford, said: “Pubs are a place where we can come together as a community and with our mates to catch-up and chat, but that doesn’t mean we are always honest about how we really feel.”

“Our research shows that over a third of us don’t know how to start a conversation about mental health with our friends.

"We hope our Open Up crisps, created in partnership with our friends at CALM, will give people the nudge they need to have a more honest and open chat with their friends.

"Head to your nearest participating pub now, ask for yours at the bar and try it out with a mate.”