AN animal rescue charity is appealing to dog lovers to start the new year by giving a pet a new home.

Sonic, a black Staffordshire bull terrier and Labrador cross, has been at the Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire branch of the RSPCA’s kennels in Suckley for more than a year after being rescued from a neglectful owner.

Volunteer Diane Hillier said the three-year-old was in a very poor state when he was brought in to the centre with a rottweiler which had lived at the same home.

“He was just skin and bone, so either the owner was never feeding him, or the other dog had been taking his food,” she said. 

Diane said she was heartbroken that he is still without a loving home after so much time.

“He’s adorable, sweet-natured and he gets on so well with other dogs,” she said.

“I’ve worked for the RSPCA for many years and I’ve seen some dreadful things, but this has really touched me. 

“Somebody must be out there who will want him.”

In a message on the branch’s website purporting to be written by Sonic – who is apparently able to operate a keyboard and has a better grasp of English than some people on Facebook – he says he is “sad inside” because he doesn’t have a home.

Sonic’s message says: “Everyone tells me I am a truly lovely boy and one of the sweetest dogs there has ever been at the kennels.

"I’m really hoping that a nice kind person will offer me the forever home I’ve been waiting for.”

To find out more about Sonic and the other animals being taken care of by the Worcestershire and Mid-Worcestershire branch of the RSPCA you can visit

Anyone who would like to give Sonic a now home can call 01886 822 083.