CULTURE secretary Sajid Javid breezed into Worcester yesterday to tour the city's £60 million Hive - and hailed it as one of the country's best examples of a world class library.

Mr Javid, who took over from Maria Miller in April following her expenses scandal, told your Worcester News the gold-cladded building had a pioneering way to make libraries "relevant" for the 21st century.

He also revealed how the complex, the first of its kind in Europe as a joint public-university facility, could help influence Government thinking into how the libraries of tomorrow ultimately develop.

His visit was aimed to coincide with the second anniversary of The Queen's official opening of The Hive on July 11, 2012.

He said: "Libraries have not had their day, we've just got to make sure they are more relevant to people's lives.

"People now use them for not just books but the internet and other services and this is a really impressive building.

"It's a great demonstration of partnership working and shows what can be achieved together." He also said the current review of libraries being commissioned by the Government is coming to an end and when drawing his own conclusions, centres like The Hive would play a part in his views.

He told your Worcester News he is also relishing being a part of David Cameron's top table, and said he owes his position to people in Worcestershire.

Mr Javid, whose responsibilities include media and sport, is a Bromsgrove MP.

He said trying to balance being a county MP with a high-flying Cabinet role is "challenging" adding: "I have to manage my time very carefully but I know I'm only able to represent the country because of the support of the people of Bromsgrove."

During his stay he also toured the university's neighbouring city campus, and Worcester Cathedral where he saw where £80,000 is going on weatherproofing the ceiling to the cathedral library.

Worcester MP Robin Walker, who accompanied him, called The Hive a "wonderful Worcestershire asset" while university vice chancellor Professor David Green said he was "delighted" to welcome Mr Javid to the city.

The Hive is a joint project between the University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council and has the largest children's library in the entire country.

The county's archives and archaeology services services are based there as well as the hub contact facility for council payments, a business centre, cafe and more.