A YOUNG woman who is pushing a bed throughout the length of Great Britain in a bid to raise £200,000 to set up a non-profit children’s home, will be stopping off in Redditch during the 1,200 mile trip.

Rosie Mai Iredale, aged 26, will be visiting the town on Monday, June 15 during her challenge from John o' Groats to Land's End.

She is hoping to raise support by inviting people to come and take photographs and share them on social media. Ms Iredale is also hoping to get a photograph near one of the town’s landmarks during the visit.

She is wearing her pyjamas and pushing a bed, constructed of light-weight wood with adapted wheels throughout the whole journey, and at night she will also sleep in it.

The journey will take around 60 days to complete and will involve 20 miles of walking a day.

After suffering from depression and being out of work for almost two years, Ms Iredale began working as a teaching assistant at a pottery class and, after realising how much she loved helping young people she was motivated to apply to university to become a teacher.

Ms Iredale said: “I am about to embark on pushing a bed down the whole UK as I want all children to have a safe place to sleep at night.

“I want to raise light on a very serious issue, many children do not have a safe place to sleep and live in fear, desperation and anguish of the living conditions that they are suffering.”

Prior to this latest challenge, Ms Iredale, began setting up a charity called Full Reach, which is being financed through various fundraising events.

Her vision is to set up a children's home where the young people, who cannot be put into foster or adoptive care due to extreme behaviours, can receive a high level of care enabling them to reach their potential.

The money will cover the first six months running costs, in which time it will be set up that the local authority will pay Full Reach for the young people in the organisation's care, allowing it become self-sufficient.

All money left over after running costs used to benefit the education, social and emotional well-being of the young people in the home’s care and outreach services.

So far, she has raised more than £6,000 through various challenges including living silent, deaf and blind for four days each before living silent, deaf and blind for a further four days, which raised £1,318.

“I want to give young people a voice, for them to be seen and for them to be heard,” she added.

She also lived on £1 a day for 30 days where she fainted, lost almost a stone in 10 days and ate rice for Christmas dinner.

Donations can be made per mile by visiting fullreach.co.uk or for more information visit Twitter @fullreach or the Facebook page Full Reach.