LONDON'S first naked restaurant has just opened its doors and now a naturist is calling for Dudley to follow suit and offer more facilities for those who feel more comfortable in the buff.

Anthony Crowley's hopes for the borough include library reading groups, exercise classes in leisure centres and places to sunbathe.

He said: "It would obviously need to be private and away from the general public out of respect but I think the public should be more accepting of these things, it's 2016 now, times have changed. There should be more facilities and recreation areas for naturists."

The author and poet said there are naturist facilities in Birmingham and Telford that he visits occasionally but said it is "too far away".

Mr Crowley, who is a member of British Naturism, said: "There are many naturists around Dudley and I know they would like more places to go around here too.

"It's perfectly legal as long as it isn't done to cause harm or distress, which we don't. We all follow certain guidelines and it is very rare that people complain.

"I've always been a naturist, ever since I was a child. It's not something that just happened. I've always felt comfortable not wearing any clothes, I'm always nude at home."

He joked that he has an "expensive heating bill" and added: "It's relaxing when you take your clothes off, it's good for your wellbeing."

Councillor Pete Lowe, leader of Dudley Council, said the authority had not recently been approached with any requests but said: "As with any organisation they would need to contact the relevant service to discuss how appropriate a venue is and whether or not it can be accommodated around other users.”