A PENSIONER who was found dead outside her Oldbury flat committed suicide, an inquest was told.

Eileen Blackwell, aged 73, was discovered by her daughter Joanne on the ground outside her fifth-floor Brandhall flat on April 19.

Mrs Blackwell suffered fatal injuries after she was adjudged to have jumped out of her kitchen window.

Black Country Coroners Court heard Mrs Blackwell, who suffered from depression following the death of her husband, was said to be “at a very low ebb” after experiencing a succession of blackouts due to unknown causes.

Giving a conclusion of suicide, Senior Black Country Coroner Zafar Siddique told the court: “A combination of factors – not knowing what her condition was, coupled with her low mood – sadly resulted in what she decided to do.

“It is clear that she had a very loving family who looked after her as much as they could.

“I want to offer the family my heartfelt condolences with the loss of Eileen in these tragic circumstances.”