“RIDICULOUS” plans for a Dudley town centre development that would have seen 14 people share one kitchen have been refused.

Under the plans, outbuildings to the rear of 148 and 149 Wolverhampton Street would have been demolished to make way for a 14-bed communal living facility with en-suite facilities and a communal kitchen and dining area.

A one bedroom flat would also have been built over the entryway between numbers 146 and 148/149, filling in the current gap between the buildings.

Dudley Council’s Development Control Committee was told that the applicant, Hussain Khan, proposed to use the building to house international students studying at Dudley College.

Ray Staien addressed the committee on Mr Khan's behalf on Tuesday (March 6) to say that it was hoped the accommodation would be "a catalyst for future development".

He said that Mr Khan had been in operating businesses for 35 years and "knows and supports Dudley well".

Mr Staien continued: "There have been discussions with Dudley College and the response was positive."

However he said things had not "progressed" due to Mr Khan wishing to know if the plans would be approved before entering into further discussions.

Councillor Qadar Zada said the authority should have “higher aspirations” for the quality of student accommodation, rather than “sticking them behind a set of takeaways with one communal kitchen”.

“I can’t accept that 14 people can adequately share a kitchen and not be compromised in any way,” he added.

Cllr Zada also raised concerns about the lack of parking within the development as there were only plans for on-site bicycle parking, and space for servicing and disabled parking, if needed.

He said: “I can’t accept that people will walk to the car park down the road to park their car.

“This is a ridiculous application and it should be scaled down before it is accepted.”

Councillor Colin Elcock said the application seemed “cobbled together”.

He continued: “It’s not suitable for young people to live in and the kitchen is not suitable for that amount of people.”

The committee refused the application.