THE alleged 'puppet master' of a Worcester drugs gang has a previous conviction for conspiracy to supply cocaine, a court heard.

The prosecution case against Mohammed Nasar, son Aaqib Nasar, Steven Binning and Robert Degaris ended at Worcester Crown Court today. The defence case is expected to begin tomorrow. Officer in the case DC Eleanor Jones talked the jury through Mohammed Nasar's previous convictions. On June 25, 2003 Nasar was convicted after trial of conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Nasar was interviewed about the matters for which he now stands trial following his arrest on December 8, 2016.

In a prepared statement Nasar accepted he knew his co-defendants, Degaris, Binning and Aaqib Nasar, his son.

He further accepted that he knew convicted cocaine conspirators and dealers including Ashley James, James Jones, Chris Cornes and Marcus Henney.

As previously reported, Cornes and Henney were arrested at the junction of Deansway and Copenhagen Street with half a kilo of cocaine on May 13, 2015 after an alleged meeting with Degaris in the car park of City Gym in Westbury Street.

Nasar also admitted that Sarah Lancaster was his ex-partner. Lancaster was arrested with £19,980 of criminal property and a 'dirty phone' on December 11, 2015. The prosecution say the phone was given to her by Mohammed Nasar.

Lancaster met with Nasar at Sin bar in New Street, Worcester shortly after she left Worcester Police Station in Castle Street following her arrest.

Nasar also said he knew Saheed Iqbal, the taxi driver who was stopped in Worcester with 1kg of cocaine worth up to £100,000 on November 13, 2015.

In a prepared statement he said: "As we all know each other we have communication with each other and meet up for nights out as well as going to each other's houses as we are friends.

"I have no knowledge of any drug dealers or money laundering behaviour of the parties. I have no interest in their personal life. I have never instructed anyone to exchange drugs or collect money for me."

He also denied being the leader of an organised gang before answering 'no comment' to further police questions.

Aaqib Nasar, Binning and Degaris all gave no comment interviews to police.

The prosecution case has involved evidence derived from police surveillance, CCTV cameras, cell site analysis which aims to show the location of defendants at various times and prove the attribution of disputed 'dirty phones'.

Some evidence has related to a previous drugs trial, including the bugging of Ashley James's van. The prosecution say James's gang bought some of their cocaine from Mohammed Nasar's network so they could sell the class A drug on the streets of Worcester.

The trial continues.