MEMBERS of a community litter pick group found more than they bargained for when they discovered a collection of bones at a beauty spot.

Skeletal remains were discovered at land off Blackbrook Road in Netherton by a member of the Saltwells Clean and Group who raised the alarm.

Cllr Chris Barnett, who leads the group, explained: "They were not little bones and we're not medical people so we asked the police to come along and have a look."

The group concluded the bones belonged to an animal, not a human, much to their relief.

Chris added: "It was quite a shock for the young lady when she first found them. We thought the worst."

Twenty members of the Saltwells Clean and Green Group took to the site near to Blackbrook Road, Netherton last Saturday (February 12) after local residents asked them to tackle the litter blights the area.

Chris explained how the group is growing 'bigger and bigger' and that residents often come out to thank them for their efforts by bringing out tea and coffee.

For more information on the group, search for Saltwells Clean and Green Group on Facebook.