YOUNG people in Redditch will be taking part in school strikes this week as part of a global day of youth action on climate change.

Events, including one outside Redditch Town Hall, will be taking place in more than 100 towns and cities from Penzance to Aberdeen on Friday, April 12.

This will be the third walkout for climate action in the UK.

They have been inspired by teenager Greta Thunberg, who protests every Friday outside Sweden’s parliament to urge leaders to tackle climate change.

Previously some politicians and school leaders criticised young people for taking part in the education strike, but their action was backed by other MPs, academics and environmental campaigners.

In a tweet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Thank you for standing up against climate change.

“You shouldn’t have to pay the price for the mistakes of previous generations."

Young people will be campaigning outside Redditch Town Hall this Friday, from 10am to 2pm.