POLICE are appealing for information after two women tried to rob an elderly person at a cash machine in Alcester in broad daylight.

The person, on High Street, was using a cashpoint when they were pushed out of the way by a female who tried to take the card and cash from the cashpoint.

This did not happen and two female offenders left the scene in a Beige Nissan Micra.

Police are asking for help to track the women down.

A spokesman said: "The first woman is described as white, pony tail, wearing black coat.

"The second woman is described as white, dark hair parted in the middle with cinnamon buns styling on the side (similar to Princess Leia in Star Wars), wearing a longer coat."

The incident happened around 3pm on Wednesday, April 3.

Anyone with any information is being asked to use the force, and call police on 101.