AFTER 14 years representing Alcester as a county, district and town councillor, Mike Gittus will be standing down.

Over this time he has seen many changes in the structure of local authorities, and many challenges to provide better locally provided services at an affordable price within the community.

Mike, who will stand down from his three elected roles next month, has always enjoyed a challenge and over the years has been part of many significant projects in Alcester.

His entry into public life was sparked by the flooding issues in Alcester, involving widespread damage and human misery in the town.

He had the capacity and enthusiasm to lead a team for 12 years to rid the community of flood risk.

As the need to squeeze better value from the local public purse began to take a grip he chaired a working group for seven years to keep the town library and its famous Roman Museum from disappearing into the abyss.

Mike engaged with all the necessary agencies and struck a deal eventually to enable these essential Alcester provisions to occupy the now One Stop Shop at Globe House.

The changes eventually took place in 2016 after three times losing the project finances in the various local authority budgets.

With a traffic policing background, Mike took the unpopular decision to reduce injury road accidents in Alcester by introducing road calming measures (Gittus Bumps) throughout Alcester along with 20mph speed restrictions.

This was a first for Stratford district and at first the developing scheme was unpopular with the community.

But he persevered and as a result reduced the number of injury accidents to an all time low.

However, of all the schemes he involved himself with Mr Gittus said there have been personal disappointments as well as favourites.

The ongoing Greig saga being firmly at the top of his list of disappointments.

"I can hardly believe that after all these years the Alcester community has been unable to retrieve the use of the famous Memorial Hall," he said.

"Its a sad reflection that whilst fighting to add new public facilities that we have such a wonderful building just waiting to be refurbished and put back into use.

"A personal favourite of mine has been the expansion and development of the Green Open Spaces in Alcester. As the project manager the addition of the Abbey Fields Site and the creation of The Centenary Memorial Park will always be at the top of my list."

The outgoing cllr added: "As I stand aside I see a new group of young and enthusiastic men and women stepping forward to take up the challenge in the community for another generation. Alcester will continue to thrive in 'good hands'."