A 36-year-old man has denied false imprisonment with intent to commit a sexual offence in Evesham.

Alexander Udell of Leicester Grove, Evesham, appeared at Worcester Crown Court yesterday (Thursday) where he denied all three counts against him.

Udell was formally arraigned by the clerk of the court where he pleaded not guilty to false imprisonment on March 22 this year, the particulars being that he was said to have unlawfully and injuriously imprisoned and detained a woman against her will.

He further denied that he committed an offence with the intention of committing a sexual offence - false imprisonment with intent to commit a relevant sexual offence on the same date.

Udell further denied sexual assault against the alleged victim, the particulars being that he kissed her, that the touching was sexual, that she did not consent and that he did not reasonably believe she was consenting.

The case was prosecuted by Michael Conry. The defendant was represented at the hearing by Simon Burns.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright adjourned the case for a three day trial scheduled to take place at Worcester Crown Court on October 14.

Udell was granted bail on condition he live and sleep at the address of his parents in Sandstell Road, Spittal, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland and that he be placed on an electronically monitored curfew at that address between 8pm and 7am daily.

He must not contact directly or indirectly the complainant in the case who cannot be identified for legal reasons or his landlord, named in court as Patrick Spires.