A PARLIAMENTARY debate will be held on the future of the town's crisis-hit Alexandra hospital

As part of her ongoing commitment to secure the future of the Alex Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch, is to hold a parliamentary debate on the hospital’s services.

It follows Rachel’s calls last month for the configuration of hospital services in Worcestershire to be looked at again as a result of the £20.5billion cash boost for the NHS.

In July 2017, local health bosses rubber stamped plans to transfer emergency surgery, maternity and in-patient childrens services from the Alex to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital due to staff shortages and patient safety.

Two years later and Rachel believes this decision should be looked at again, which is why she will be holding an adjournment debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday (May 15).

By holding this debate, it will mean Ministers from the Department for Health & Social Care will have to respond to the points made by Rachel.

The MP said: “With the NHS set to receive £20.5billion, it’s time the configuration of hospital services in Worcestershire was looked at again.

"All options must remain on the table, including the return of maternity and paediatric services to the Alex.

“Like every single resident, I want our town’s hospital to have a bright and secure future.

“My commitment to supporting the Alex is unwavering, which is why the debate will be the second one I’ve hosted since becoming your MP. It’s not easy to secure parliamentary time for a debate, so I’m delighted I’ve been given this opportunity for a second time."

She added: “What’s key about this debate is that Ministers from the Department for Health & Social Care will have to respond. This is vital if I’m to secure support for my calls to see services returned to the Alex.”

Redditch councillor Bill Hartnett, who chaired the borough council's cross party Health Commission which heard numerous evidence on the proposals, said: "I am not sure what she will be saying but I do hope that she continues on her journey along the “road to Damascus” on this issue, a journey started last month - falling in line what I and many others in Redditch have been saying for Years.