A COUNCILLOR is urging the county council to refuse to work with any organisation not paying the living wage.

Bromsgrove District and Worcestershire County councillor Peter McDonald is calling upon the county council not to do business or give work of any kind to any organisation that does not pay the National Living Wage.

"To do anything else would make the council guilty of practicing double standards," he said.

"Anyone living below the living wage is living in poverty. To many it is a daily scramble, it cripples all those it encounters, forcing its victims to spend each day trapped in the fear and humiliation associated with low pay.

"This reality faced by many working families living on minimum wage is a blight on society, leaving many families unable to afford the basics.

"When the bus to work or an hour’s childcare costs more than an hour’s wages, it’s no wonder so many young workers are falling into debt and resorting to food banks, which we now have three of in the district."

Cllr McDonald said he will be asking the council at a meeting tomorrow.

"I will be asking Worcestershire County Council to ensure that in future all contractors, agencies and any organisation or body carrying out work or research on behalf of this council, pay its employees/workers at least the living wage as defined by the Living Wage Foundation," he said.

He went on to say: "Introducing the living wage is not only the right thing to do but by ensuring wages are set to reflect a real cost of living and that working hours are the right length and reliable, people need not live a life of constant struggle.

"The living wage is a powerful weapon against poverty."